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01_Seven Secrets to Spiritual Success

How do you grow spiritual? What is considers success? Luke 5 gives us insight into becoming a spiritual success. Learn the 7 Secret to Spiritual Success from Pastor Kenn Dixon Podcast.


02_Pimps In The Pulpit

Are all pastors created equal?  Are we all after money and fame?  Once pastor realize that they stand between the living and the dead, they will understand their importance and take the call seriously.  Pastor Kenn Dixon shares his thoughts on an article entitled "Pimps In the Pulpit."

03_I Ain't No Punk

"I Ain't No Punk" when it comes to death and dead people.  "World War Z" and The Walking Dead" don't scare me. One because I don't watch them and the other is I don't believe it is true.  Why?  Because the Bible says the Dead know not anything...ever!  Listen as Pastor Kenn Dixon share a quick podcast on the State of the Dead entitled "I Ain't No Punk."